RomajisCM Ranka
TranslationCM Ranka
PublisherFlying Dog
ProducerYoko Kanno
URLVictor Entertainment album page

CM Ranka is a maxi single focused on そうだよ, the ending theme of the Macross F Movie ~The Fake Diva~. This single features 8 tracks performed by Megumi Nakajima, the same way the Universal Bunny album featured 8 tracks performed by May'n for the Macross F Movies.

Announcements Edit

The single was first announced on Megumi Nakajima's [blog]. Details concerning the track list were revealed some time later.

The Family Market website announced on 2009, October 31 that this album will contain a track entitled ファミリーマート コスモス (Family-Mart Cosmos).

Release Edit

The CD was released on December 16, 2009.

Track list Edit

All tracks performed by Megumi Nakajima. All tracks composed by Yoko Kanno. (unless otherwise indicated)

01.そうだよSou da yoMaaya Sakamoto, Gabriela Robin4:01
02.スターライト納豆Starlight NattouMegumi Nakajima, Gabriela Robin?1:49
03.ダイナム超合金Dynam Chougoukin?1:32
04.開拓重機Kaitaku JuukiMegumi Nakajima, Gey's Ax?1:19
05.だるまゼミナールDaruma Seminar?0:42
06.ニンジーン Loves you yeah!Ninjin loves you yeah!?1:03
07.ファミリーマート・コスモスFamily Mart Cosmos?1:41
08.恋のドッグファイト(ちょっとだけ)Koi no Dog Fight (just a little)?1:03

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