I say, "yes"
VocalsFuse Akira
LyricsTim Jensen
MusicYoko Kanno
Album(s)Special Best ~1965-2009~
UseKaze ni Mai ni agaru Vinyl Sheet insert song and ending theme
URLOfficial trailer

Lyrics Edit

i say, “yes”, for when i met you

i say it for the day i turned and left you

i say, “yes”, the love between us

all the clouds and desperation

where the nameless pain never disappears

it’s a part of me

you know it is

cuz you were there

i say it for the bluest sky

so big i’m often askin’ why?

feeling helpless,

and yet so alive

just knowing you…

so I say, “yes”, for all we were

and all the best for what love made us

the days, the good and bad that fortune gave us

and i say, “yes”, for time without you

all the tears and aspirations

questions that remain often reappear

they’re a part of us

you know they are

cuz we were there

i say it for the rainy days

the nights we had to find our way

feelin’ so small, yet, much bigger too

just loving you…

so i say, “yes”, for all we had

i say, “yes”

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