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BornOctober 12, 1970
OriginNovosibirsk, Russia
OccupationSinger, lyricist
URLOfficial website

Origa (real name Ol'ga Vital'evna Yakovleva (Ольга Витальевна Яковлева)) is a Japanese singer and lyricist of Russian descent.

Collaboration with Yoko Kanno Edit

She first worked with Yoko Kanno on the song Moon from Turn A Gundam.

Works Edit

2 tracks listed on the wiki

Albums Edit

  • The Songwreath (2008)
  • Aurora (2005)
  • Era of Queens (2003)
  • The Best of Origa (1999)
  • Eternal (Eien) (1998)
  • Lira Vetrov (1996)
  • Aria (1996)
  • Illusia (1995)
  • Crystal Winter (1994)
  • ORIGA (1994)

Solos Edit

  • Hana Gumori (2007)
  • Leleyala (2006)
  • Land of Love (2006)
  • Spiral (2006)
  • Mizu no Madoromi (2004)
  • Le Vent Vert—Le Temps Bleu (1998)
  • Kaze no Naka no Soritea (1995)
  • Olga [Demo] (1991)
  • 'Electra's Song (Release year unknown)

Others Edit

Unreleased Edit

External links Edit

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