Pink Monsoon
PublisherFlying DOG

Overview Edit

This single features 2 insert songs performed by May'n in the Macross F Movie ~The Fake Diva~ movie.

Release Edit

The CD was released on October 21, 2009, which was the 20th anniversary day of May'n.

Track list Edit

All tracks composed by Yoko Kanno. (unless otherwise indicated)

01.Pink MonsoonMay'nGabriela Robin4:44
02.天使になっちゃったTenshi ni NacchattaMay'nGabriela Robin4:20
03.Pink Monsoon (w/o Sheryl)4:44
04.天使になっちゃった (w/o Sheryl)Tenshi ni Nacchatta (w/o Sheryl)4:20

Staff Edit

  • Producer: 菅野よう子
  • Co-producers: Ota Toshiaki, Sasaki Shirou, Onishi Kaya
  • Artist management: Yatabe Yukinobu (HORIPRO)
  • Director: Inuue Yukako
  • Promotion: Ito Shosei, Suzuki Yusuke
  • Sales promotion: Eguchi Risa
  • Recorded & mixed by: Yabuhara Masashi
  • Mastered by: Miyamoto MT Shigeo at form THE MASTER
  • Recorded at: Victor Studio, Towerside Studio, MITStudio
  • Cover illustration: Ebata Risa (STUDIO G-1NEO)
  • Sleeve design: Yamazaki Tsuyoshi (coccinelle)
  • Coordination: Fujita Nami, Takahashi Naomi

Musicians Edit

  • Keyboard: 菅野よう子
  • Guitar: Imahori Tsuneo
  • Strings: Shinozaki Masatsugu Strings
  • Synthesizer manipulating: Urata Keishi, Sakamoto Syunsuke

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