Run, wolf warrior, run
LyricsChris Mosdell
MusicYoko Kanno
Album(s)WOLF'S RAIN O.S.T.

Musicians Edit

  • Session in Brazil

Lyrics Edit

Booklet Japanese translation: Rie Terada

Run, wolf warrior, to ends eternal

Through the wreckage of the death of the day

Scent of silence under starlight spinning

A captured beast within a human skin

Are you searching for long lost landscapes

Lit by flowers and crystal cascades?

Where the lamb lies down with the lion

Where the wolf is one with the wild

Run, wolf warrior, through kingdom's chaos

Senseless cities and ghost-towns towering

Howl, O hunter, though few know you're crying

Face upturned into that midnight moon

Are you hunting for mystic mountains

Where the air is like liquid laughter?

Where the beasts inherit the earth

Where the last again will be first

Run, wolf warrior, to hide your hunger

The rain will wash away the pains of the day

In your eyes there are cold fires burning

Tongues of flame that can never be tamed

Are you running from Man's delusion

Majestic madness and your exclusion

To where the lamb lies down with the lion?

Are you running down ancient pathways

Through this dark and deserted land

To where man is once more a child?

Are you running to freedom's fortress

By the side of wide open seas

Where the wolf is one with the wild?

Run, run, run...

Run, run, run, run, run, run on, run on through the rain...