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RomajisUniversal Bunny
PublisherVictor Entertainment
ProducerYoko Kanno

Universal Bunny is a mini vocal album focused on the Macross F Movie ~The Fake Diva~ insert song Universal Bunny. This album features 8 tracks performed by May'n, the same way the CM Ranka maxi single featured 8 tracks performed by Megumi Nakajima for the Macross F Movies.

Release Edit

The CD was released on November 25, 2009 with a postcard with "Sheryl’s debut single Pink Monsoon jacket artwork" as a first press bonus.

Track list Edit

All tracks performed by May'n. All tracks composed by Yoko Kanno. (unless otherwise indicated)

01.ユニバーサル・バニーUniversal BunnyGabriela Robin, Shihori, PA-NON5:57
02.Pink MonsoonGabriela Robin4:44
03.ギラギラサマー (^ω^)ノGiragira Summer (^ω^)ノGabriela Robin, Keisuke Tominaga5:01
04.イゾラドIzoradoMinoru Yamada4:40
05.会えないときAenai TokiGabriela Robin2:34
06.永遠EienGabriela Robin4:21
07.オベリスクObeliskGabriela Robin4:48
08.天使になっちゃった (universal version)Tenshi ni natchatta (universal version)Gabriela Robin4:42

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